Why not gain and utilize world class level skills
in hospitality and customer service?

We aim to spread “OMOTENASHI”throughout the world.

*Omotenshi is the quintessential Japanese hospitality known in the world
as leading edge and essential in today's competitive retail market.
*iDA has the largest market share of luxury business in Japan.




We offer the following services to retail companies and potential human resources


WIN #1


receive the benefit of highly qualified staff, with Japanese omotenasi mindset that leads to seamless staff teams.Whatever your brand strategy is, we provide the best personnel for your needs, resulting in increased sales and client satisfaction.

WIN #2


with high level skills and experience, can achieve career success, meeting your working life-style.You can continue to expand your expertise through experience, hone your skills with strategic training that is customized for you.Register with us and be part of the community of qualified retail team while gaining commission and steady income.

WIN #3


fulfilling iDA mission of omotenashi spirit service means creating success stories with customers all over the world.With personal and high level client experiences, customers will feel the difference in shopping and returning at your store as well as standing out as a customer focused brand.


We wish to create many happy outcomes around the world by spreading the spirit of Omotenashi - a Japanese word for hospitality excellence. In Japan, we have earned the highest regard in the luxury business by providing staff with quality training, selection, and win-win career paths, matching to meet the needs of our retail clients. My mission is to be a business that provides high quality solutions to connect and develop people to enhance the pride and careers in sales professions.


World mode holdings Co.,Ltd.



Managing Director

With extensive experience in luxury retail training and development, Izumi has training success in Japan and around the world. Her role as Corporate Training Manger at Louis Vuitton Japan and LVMH, in Human Resources, Sales, and Client Development with client experience focus has always been linked to retail strategies. During her time in the U.S.A. and Japan, Izumi has advised various businesses and learning institutions as educational consultant with emphasis on Japanese quality customer service.
Izumi emphasizes Omotenashi, quality Japanese hospitality and emotional intelligence in her trainings, coaching and assessment of retail teams, following up on its effectiveness in sales impact.


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